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Throwback Thursday: How to Be An Editor’s Favorite Client

A Writer's Path

Throwback Thursday is a series where we take a look back at some of AWP’s most popular posts. Enjoy!

by Katie McCoach

As an author, your relationship with your editor, your book cover designer, your agent, and your publishing house are all extremely important to your success. I believe in good and bad energy—what you put out, you get back in return.

Day to day, I work my tail off to be my clients’ favorite editor. If I can be in their list of best editors they’ve ever worked with, my relationship with them, and other clients in turn, will be more fulfilling.

And I believe this can go the other way around. The more fulfilling your relationship as an author with your editor(s), the smoother the process will be for the both of you, and you’ll be excited to work together then and in the future.

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Sight..Foreword by Debra Head

Some folks would be more than satisfied to sit upon their laurels. To them working toward retirement represents the end goal. Constant R&R leaves many of them complacent.
Yet, for others this life holds a series of stages. And so it is for D. Lewis, who is a man for all seasons. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) At a very early age he learned to be a self-sufficient “military brat,” who used his formative years in the arid Middle East to explore various facets of culture and to expand his communications. Using the treasure troves of both fiction and nonfiction, David’s solitary nature afforded him the analysis and synthesis computations of readin’, ‘riten, and ‘rithmetic. Hence, his early inquisitions into ancient history were much like the interpretations or creations of Benjamin Franklin. Through his lifelong ambitions to explore the elements of human psychology, David has explicitly studied the intricacies of four languages and compiled a wealth of background knowledge.
In a span of sixty years, David’s experiences included a wide-range of practices: medical, military, and educational. These realms have enhanced his levels of expertise and provided fodder for his ever expanding capabilities.
In the current phase of David’s laundry list of accomplishments, he has compiled a multi-layered plot that artfully uses Biblical allusions. His Christian based message solidly expresses the clear and present danger within modern society. Comparatively, the character development and intricate details portraying the inter connections of the plot may likened his style to authors such as Ray Bradbury or Aldux Huxley. As he unfolds the tightly woven web of deceptions, the reader senses the battle between the forces of good and evil. In particular, the distinct contrasts between Iggy and Damien further underscore the reader’s piqued interest.
In a narrative style of ancient oratory tradition, David’s Sight: One Journey- Three Perspectives has captured the true essence of storytelling. To simply describe the trials and tribulations of Iggy as a fire-side chat would surely undermine the intended message.
Debra Head



The Amazing Milkweed

Native Beeology

The common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) found growing in abandoned farm fields and along roadside edges is quickly dismissed as a “weed”. The milkweed is so much more than an unwanted plant growing in unwanted places. This underrated native herbaceous perennial produces beautiful sweet smelling flowers that makes it a pollinator favorite and it is also the host plant of the Monarch butterfly caterpillar. The common milkweed represents one of over a 100 species that grow naturally in North America. The plant is easily recognizable by it long oval leaves that grow opposite one another on a single main stem that when broken “bleeds” a white milky substance. The old adage “you are what you eat” rings true for the monarch butterflies that take on the bitterness of the leaves making it a revolting meal to birds and other potential predators. The brilliant orange and black coloration is a…

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